Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Quilt for Nana Joan

While I was on the phone to my Nana Joan a few months back, she mentioned that she had a Sunbonnet Sue template from a magazine that she had been holding onto for ages, but would likely never do anything with...... enter crafty scheming granddaughter and mother combo, who conspired to retrieve said pattern in order for me to make it. 

Well on its arrival here in Texas, I can only say I was a little disappointed with the quality of the pattern; it was less shabby-chic and more just plain shabby. Dont get me wrong, the picture of the finished quilt was cute, but I though we need something much more special for my Nana Joan..... 

So I sat down and started to sketch my own little Sue's. And I sketched and sketched, and then converted them to digital images and made outlines for all the little pieces, and over the course of the past couple of weeks, the quilt has come to life!

May I proudly present Nana Joan's Sunbonnet Sue quilt! 

Oh gosh this one was fun to make, and it's going to be tough to let go! I hope she loves it!

Here's all the little Sue's;

 Cupcake Sue

Basket Sue

Apple-Pickin' Sue

Rainy Day Sue

Flag Waving Sue

Dog Walking Sue

Gardening Sue

Flower Pickin' Sue

and Singing Sue!

And a few close-ups of all the stitchy goodness...

You gotta have rain on a quilt bound for England!

 Loopy quilting by a loopy quilter! Coincidence?

Cupcake anyone?

Whilst the quilt itself is off to reside in the UK, I loved making this so much that I decided to turn it into a pattern. You can find it here in my Etsy shop!

Friday, February 1, 2013

A Gourd Day!

Last spring Poor Suffering Husband bought me a packet of birdhouse gourd seeds. I was about a month late planting them and as there were only 12 seeds, I didn't really expect a whole lot to happen. So I put them in the ground along the front fence and waited.

I didn't have to wait long, maybe a week, before the first little leaves appeared...

And then they grew...


And got baby gourds...

And the baby gourds got bigger...

And the leaves got bigger...

And the BUGS got bigger...

Now I have a couple of hundred gourds waiting to be turned into this:

Oh that pun never gets old!

For anyone else thinking of growing gourds, here is a quick start-up guide:

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A New Direction

Happy new Year! A little belated I know... sorry about that, but you know how it is after Christmas...... when you can finally just slump into a heap and be thankful you got through another holiday season. Just me?

So I haven't actually been slumped into a heap (not ALL the time, anyway!) no, I've taken up a new hobby! Surprise, surprise! Oh my poor suffering husband has to feign enthusiasm every time I come up with something new to try..... while secretly thinking How much will it cost me? Dont feel too sorry for him, I did good this time.....

So what am I doing? .....................Wood burning!!! And what did it cost to get started? A grand total of $10!!! What do you mean you've never woke up thinking Today I'd like to try wood burning? Poor suffering husband cannot be considered a guiltless party in all this as he bought me a lovely beginners wood burning book for Christmas, and several friends and neighbors had my creations thrust upon them as gifts. But truth be told, it all started when I saw a wood plaque in Walmart in the shape of an arrow which set off my crafters spidey-senses.I knew it was destined to point out my sewing room..... know, in case I forget where it is. Or get lost. In my own yard..... shut up.

What can I say? Now I'm addicted! Yup, I fall fast and hard! So here's a peek at a few more tests...

In fact I had so much fun making these, I have decided to stock my Etsy shop! So go check out a whole bunch of different wood burned signs!

And if you haven't guessed from my sign, I'm also making gourd birdhouses! But that's for another day....