Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A New Direction

Happy new Year! A little belated I know... sorry about that, but you know how it is after Christmas...... when you can finally just slump into a heap and be thankful you got through another holiday season. Just me?

So I haven't actually been slumped into a heap (not ALL the time, anyway!) no, I've taken up a new hobby! Surprise, surprise! Oh my poor suffering husband has to feign enthusiasm every time I come up with something new to try..... while secretly thinking How much will it cost me? Dont feel too sorry for him, I did good this time.....

So what am I doing? .....................Wood burning!!! And what did it cost to get started? A grand total of $10!!! What do you mean you've never woke up thinking Today I'd like to try wood burning? Poor suffering husband cannot be considered a guiltless party in all this as he bought me a lovely beginners wood burning book for Christmas, and several friends and neighbors had my creations thrust upon them as gifts. But truth be told, it all started when I saw a wood plaque in Walmart in the shape of an arrow which set off my crafters spidey-senses.I knew it was destined to point out my sewing room..... know, in case I forget where it is. Or get lost. In my own yard..... shut up.

What can I say? Now I'm addicted! Yup, I fall fast and hard! So here's a peek at a few more tests...

In fact I had so much fun making these, I have decided to stock my Etsy shop! So go check out a whole bunch of different wood burned signs!

And if you haven't guessed from my sign, I'm also making gourd birdhouses! But that's for another day....

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